Low-Interest Personal Loan

Whether you’re looking to travel, purchase a brand new car or simply consolidate your debts, Make Wealth is your go-to for securing the right low-interest personal loan in Melbourne.

At Make Wealth, we pride ourselves on offering personal and old-fashioned customer service that is synonymous with small business. Placing importance on getting to know our valued clients and better understanding their financial constraints, goals, and requirements best positions us to assist you in finding the right low-interest personal loan in Melbourne. With a team of fully qualified and experienced mortgage brokers, we will work alongside you to find the best mortgage solution for you. From the initial consultation to loan type and lender research, we’ll take care of the entire process from start to finish.

A personal loan is a popular choice for those wanting to finance a car, holiday, home renovation, or the consolidation of other debts. A personal loan is a smaller loan than a mortgage, for a term of usually one to five years.

At Make Wealth, our expert team will work with you to help you choose from the following loan types:

1.     Secured

This option is best suited to someone who is purchasing a car or a larger asset as you can use the asset as security against the loan. This provides the lender with security, and if you cannot repay the asset, the lender can repossess the item in exchange for the amount borrowed. A secured low-interest personal loan in Melbourne may also include lesser repayments in comparison to the unsecured loan due to the lower risk they hold.

2.     Unsecured

This loan style is best suited to someone who needs money for a holiday, marriage or renovation. The lender has no security for this low-interest personal loan in Melbourne, and therefore it comes with a higher interest rate than a secured personal loan. Due to the risks involved in this loan style, you may have to provide a guarantor for your application to be successful.

3.     Variable

Variable loans can be good and bad, and this is why – a variable rate can fluctuate with the banks and cause extremely high or extremely low-interest rates. You can benefit from this style of the loan if the interest rates decrease, but you have to be prepared for the risk of your repayments increasing if interest rates rise.

4.     Fixed

A fixed rate is the opposite of variable, as the name suggests you pay the same amount of interest for the life of your loan. This can be beneficial if you want to budget and know exactly how much you are paying each month however if the interest rates drop below what you pay your repayments will remain the same.

What are you waiting for? Don’t put your dreams on hold simply because you can’t afford it at this point. For FREE expert advice on securing the perfect low-interest personal loan in Melbourne, be sure to contact Raza Ali today at 0449 978 675 or info@makewealth.com.au.

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